Hagler Bailly Pakistan are advisors to numerous clients on sustainability, environment, and health and safety. We believe that our long-term success depends on sustainability of our and our clients’ operations, as well as the health and safety of our employees, contractors and supply-chain workers.

Hagler Bailly Pakistan employs an environmental, social, and occupational health and safety management system (ES-OHS-MS) that is in conformance to ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018. We also conform to the Performance Standards of the International Finance Corporation (IFC) in our day-to-day operations. Among others, the IFC Performance Standards deal with:

environment and social risk assessment and management, including stakeholder engagement;
labor and working conditions, including occupational health and safety and worker’s accommodations as well as contractor performance management;
resource efficiency and pollution prevention; and
community, health safety and security.
Through multiple standard operating procedures in operations, we also protect the rights of our employees and contractors. Our approach is to treat all individuals and groups with fairness and respect and abolish any practice that may compromise or damage the mental and physical well-being of employees due to disrespectful treatment at the workplace, and protect employees from harassment, abuse and threats, including when implementing disciplinary measures. We keep track of gender balance and gender pay gaps and have a culture that takes domestic responsibilities of staff into account so that their further development is possible within the business, thereby attracting and retaining key female staff, and also relieving our employees’ spouses that are working. In the past, we have offered concessions to both women and men for domestic responsibilities for this reason.

Hagler Bailly Pakistan has supported the Himalayan Wildlife Foundation since its inception in 1995. One of our directors is a coordinator for the Himalayan Wildlife Foundation. Support from other professional consulting staff has included development of numerous baselines, technical assessments and management plans for the Deosai National Park, Margallah Hills National Park, Gumot National Park, Musk Deer National Park and Neelum Valley. The cumulative hours spent on projects and work for the Himalayan Wildlife Foundation by Hagler Bailly staff on company time extend over 1,000 hours. Hagler Bailly Pakistan also provides office space and facilities for staff and consultants of the Himalayan Wildlife Foundation to carry out work.